“Minarets High school is a place for freedom and fun, we all have trust with each other.”
- 10th Grader Bailey Baker
“Minarets is not just a high school full of students, it's like a home...And we're all one big happy family.”10th Grader Destanee Stevenson
The teachers, the campus and the students are great. I love how we are treated, and I even like to learn. My grades are good, and I feel confident and motivated.”
- 9th Grader Rosey Mitchell
“Minarets is one in a million, don't take it for granted.”10th grader Stephanie Chavez
"MHS-- Where learning and fun can combine, and teachers are there to help you if you need it." 9th Grader Chris Wilson
“Minarets High School isn't just a school; it's a team. When you are there, it isn't a class you are taking; it is an adventure. The way things are done here changes the very meaning of the word SCHOOL to so many people.”10th grader Ashley Kern

“We truly are a family here. It is hard to go on vacation, because I feel that this is where I belong. It is a challenge for those who are looking for one, but everyone is willing and able to help should it be asked for. The teachers, staff and students alike all seem to want to be here, and come from all around simply to come here for school. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people.”10th Grader Karah Varner
"While every other school has cliques and stereo-types, we pretty much only have one clique. And that's the Family clique."10th Grader Rachel Olivas
"Minarets High School is like one big loving family. Instead of excluding people, we welcome them and invite them into our home. This is a place where people are loved and respected for who they are. This is a place where we are free to be true to who we are.”
– 10th Grader Anna Tate
“Minarets: a nutrient rich, deep bottom, open skied farm worked by the best farmers where teenagers come to plant roots as infinitely deep as possible and grow to their highest potential to become professional and successful young adults to influence this world beyond imagination.” - 10th Grader Brett Hendrickson
“When you go to other schools, you’re scared. But when you come here, you’re only scared for 5 seconds and then your lifted. It's like a safe house or a gathering where family is here.” – 9th Grader Will Drosche

"Minarets is a school were the students are actually listened to and there thoughts are heard." - 10th Grader Kristle Wilson
"Minarets is where dreams are dreamt... then made."10th Grader Josh Dowell

"I love going here. I am feel safe, and I am respected by the teachers, staff, and classmates." - 9th Grader Harley Giles
“Minarets is like a beehive. Everyone does their part to make the school look good and work efficiently.”9th Grader Ryan Smith
“Minarets High school: where your idea counts.”9th Grader Katie Grant
“ Minarets is like a fresh baked cookie. The feelings are always warm and sweet!”
– 11th Grader Sarah Graves
"Minarets is a place that is always thinking outside the box."11th Grader Cheryl Brost
“Minarets has a great learning environment and is ahead of its time.”
– 9th Grader Gavin Rodriguez

“Minarets, an offspring of this century, has brought to me an undeniable faith and passion in my education; it has shown me what lies ahead in the river of my impending future with the prolific prowess of an ever growing technique, inspired by insightful and impeccable instructors.” 11th Grader Jack Sanders
“Minarets is preparing us for the world ahead, providing us for the world today.”
– 11th Grader Chelsea Green

"Minarets High School is like a nine month family reunion."11th Grader River Harmony
“Minarets is a place where I feel I can do my best here.”9th Grader Rylee Jackson
“Minarets is a great school. I recommend it to my friends. If they don't want to go to their school, they can come here.” - 9th Grader Nathanael Lopez
“Everyone at Minarets is so nice and the school makes you think outside the box.”
– 9th Grader Sierra French
“Minarets is Thrilling, Exciting, Technological, and just Disneyland in your backyard.”
– 9th Grader Hunter Davis
“Minarets is a place that teaches people to accept their differences and run with them. Here, we recognize that everyone is capable. There are plenty of different flames in a fire, but they're all beautiful, and they're all fire.” - 9th Grader Tara True
“Minarets is a new start for those who made a mistake in other schools, a rebound to a better future in life, and a push to better choices. We, the family of Minarets, make the difference of the future.” 11th Grader Cody Jacobs
“Minarets is one of a kind, no one can hold standards like we do.” 9th Grader Trevor Waag
“If you don't like Minarets, then you do not go to school here.” 9th Grader Richard Hoffman

“At Minarets, you’ll learn something new everyday as long as you pay attention.”
9th Grader Breanna Day

“Minarets is a school where nerds, hicks, and jocks and all get along great.”
- 9th Grader Cody Gibson
"Looking towards the future is what most people aim for; Minarets has made us look into ourselves. That is where OUR futures lie."10th Grader James Gonzalez
"Minarets High School is more than willing to provide its students with all the professional skills needed to succeed in life."10th Grader Zena Samuelson
“There's no word to describe Minarets. It's simply a gift from God. I don't know where I would be without this school.”10th Grader Dee Reimer
“Minarets High School is one amazing place. They give you the opportunity to complete projects and to try things that you never would have imagined were possible for you.”
– 10th Grader Emma Delk
"I wouldn't be able to do half the things I do at minarets such as movies and cartoons at any other high school." – 10th Grader Noah Evans
"Minarets is amazing! From sports to music, from building catapults in math to writing poems in English, from labs in Bio to paper mache animals in art, Minarets has it all. Ideas are heard and everyone can be themselves. We're treated like adults when we deserve it and are given the utmost respect." – 10th Grader Rosie Watson
"I never thought I would be doing what I am doing now! I love Minarets, and the opportunities! I am so blessed to be able to go here." 10th Grade Effie Velasco
“Minarets High School; Where we do things that Einstein couldn't even imagine and words can't describe.”10th Grader Breanna Cairns
"I feel at home when I come to Minarets. I’m never judged."10th Grader Samantha Oliva