“Everything about this school is AMAZING! The food is good, we get laptops, we make video projects, we have very minimal homework, P.E. is fun, there are field trips and a whole lot more. Everyone is nicer to each other than most schools,” said 9th grader Daniel H.

"How far are the stars if you can reach the moon? It's something I heard some time ago. And you can infer a lot from it. Minarets has taken me on a shuttle to the moon, and now the stars are right in front of me,” said 10th grader Jack S.

"MHS is a place that you can't help but love. I actually like my weekdays better than my weekends,” said Breanna C.

“I love this school for the fact that the teachers will allow student to try ideas that would be rejected at most schools,” said 10th grader Jessie E.

“I love all of the amazing teachers! I also love all of the opportunities we're given to do great things,” said 9th grader Emma D.

“This isn’t school, it’s family time. Others use textbooks to learn we use the Internet to learn,” said 10th grader Cody M.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. The students and teachers of Minarets help each other; we sharpen each other,” said 9th grader Michael F.

“Minarets is great because of the amount of freedom that we get and how willing the teachers are to do new things..... P.E. is great because we get to do new things and it's not just all running and extreme physical activity,” said 10th grader Luke D.

“I love the environment and how everyone is nice to each other. I really like how everyone is friendly with one another! I also love how the staff trusts us,” said 9th grader Miranda A.

“I love how you can talk to and get along with the staff like they’re your friends, not your teachers,” said 10th grader Chris N.

“The school environment is considerably different than any school I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love this school,” said 9th grader Stephanie C.

“I love the amount of classes that I have where I am required to play my favorite instrument,” said 10th grader Trevor Boyd.

“I enjoy the friends I have made! They make me laugh and smile everyday! I also like the awesome teachers here. They care for you and make sure you get the best education,” said 9th grader Cynthia S.

“I love the teachers, less homework, laptops, the food and making movies,” said 10th grader Caitlin P.

“At Minarets, nothing is impossible. At this school, all you have to do is let them know that you have the technique and the desire,” said 9th grader Kevin G.

“Sydney Harris said that the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. And I think Minarets is doing that, “ said 9th grader Natori H.

“I like about this school. People are nice, they care and there is not as much drama as other schools,” said 9th grader Nevada C.

“The teachers, principal and the faculty here are the best. I love this school,” said 9th grader Nick T.

“I like the technology and the teachers,” said Patrick S.

“I used to hate P.E. and just getting up to go to school, but now I'm excited,” said anonymous 9th grader.

“I love all of it. The teachers are really cool and everyone is really nice,” said 9th grader Maggie B.

“It’s a wonderful Place. The environment is so friendly and the people are so nice,” said 9th grader Kristle W.

“I like how there is the feeling to actually feel comfortable in school,” said 9th grader Danielle R.

“My favorite part of Minarets is how we are treated and how we’re like family,” said 9th grader Tristan B.

“I love the nice people. I absolutely love the hilarious teachers,” said 9th grader Destany M.