Minarets Ladder of Success (in order of importance)

These are the goals and workflows that the Minarets Staff will use (in order or importance)

1. We facilitate hopes and dreams
Without hopes and dreams, work is just drudgery
2. We are a service organization
We serve kids and parents and the community
3. Our job is primarily behavior modification
We need to teach work skills first; if they work, they will learn
4. No penalty for work done wrong, if it's done well
We need to applaud work, even if it needs to be fixed
5. Students will work at school by design (we won't have homework as it is classically assigned)
When they work at home it will be by choice
6. We teach skills, not subjects
State adopted texts should not be a limiter on student access to content and learning
7. We raise young professionals
People that will make our community proud
8. We scaffold our lessons and use repetitions
We'll teach them to walk right, then run, then run quickly
9. We work inside the student decision circle
We will use schwerpunkt* to create intensity and move their cheese, creating an active energy-filled environment
10. You work for them; they'll work for you
The best learning is always a partnership, not a dictatorship