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From Marc Prensky:
In the past, many children knew little of the world outside their neighborhoods. It was the job of education to enlighten children, to lead them out of ignorance into knowledge. Today's students are different. They grow up connected to the world through their computers and mobile devices. Instead of embracing students' technology-infused lives, however, schools seem to believe that students' electronic connections to the world are detrimental to their education. To prepare students for their 21st-century lives and keep them engaged in learning, schools need to allow students to use technology in school to learn and create, find out from students how they want to be taught, and help students learn the 21st-century skills they will need to succeed in life and work.

What does Prensky's idea look like when applied? - Here's what
Westley Field says:
"This is a piece from a young film maker and composer Robbie Dingo.
For me this provides many answers to those who still doubt the educational rigor behind virtual worlds.
If you can't see learning here you need to retire."
WatchPoetry in Motion

The staff at MHS was very gratified when we bumped into this article (we are constantly trolling the internet for best practices), and we realized we had already implemented many of the suggestions listed in this article...... High School Design and Work Ethic

Ways to Introduce a lesson besides lecture

(this list is a work in progress and will be constantly changing)

Lesson Introduction Ideas (these will be moving to a separate page soon)
1. Google Advanced Search for Powerpoints and Flash based simulations (see below for a "how to")
Google Advanced Search in the classroom view presentation (tags: search advanced flash infoliteracy)

2. Do a search at - you can GET Presentations and POST your Presentations - it's easy.

3., hundreds of thousands of educational videos, everything from how to put a picture into Powerpoint to the
current best teaching practices in New Zealand.

4. World of Teaching, another collection point for Presentations World of

5. online lessons - Fully online lessons from the University of California and additional content from Hippocampus

6. Google Earth and Google Lit Trips
Both of these sites are great ways to make discovery a structured activity. These tools are both great for Math, Geography, English and Science.

7. - Utah's free interactive portal for all academic areas, use these in whole class instruction or for "hands on" lessons

8. iTunes and iTunesU - over 100,000 FREE audio and video podcasts and over 1000 Universities currently delivering content.
Everything from Lit2Go audio books to Photoshop training to Philosophy from UC Berkeley

9. ANY kind of interactive - kid oriented, hands on work:
Pop Music based lessonsNational Library of Math ManipulativesOnline Grammar QuizzesLatin and Greek Roots
Hundreds of online teaching Virtual games with teachers guide. Choose from: Crash Scene, Virtual Hip Replacement, Virtual Knee Surgery, Weather and Simple Machines • Tons of fun games. Make Arnold's (The Govenator) Organs move.

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