How Can We Assess Differently?
(other than what we did as students)

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"This blog is not really about technology. It is about teaching and learning. It is dedicated to giving educators a place to gain thought provoking ideas, web links, teaching suggestions, and a place for the author to vette out ideas. The author sees technology not as the goal, but as a tool to accomplish the real goal: greater learning towards understanding."
Check out "Trick My Truck"

Ways for Kids to Show What They Know:
1. Online assessment - Moodle, Hippocampus or UCCP
2. Clickers or personal responders Vanderbilt University's ideas and resources on clickers
3. Presentation (Keynote, Podcast, Audiocast)
4. Streaming video or Live Webcast (use
5. Student Learning Object (instructional video or players' guide)
6. Create a Wiki
7. Blog it or comment at Amazon or a forum
8. Free student voting from cell phones or webpages
9. - have kids take tests over and over until they have 100% and beat the clock
10. How about quarterly assessments...could they look like this? And, kids can play on a Mac, PC or Nintendo DS....

Keep this in mind when you are designing educational workflows in your classroom:
Who is Knowledge Worker 2.0?

Go ahead, try out one of the tools: